If you're snowed in, curl up with our nice, warm blog post

32 members of BGN, Hampshire's most exclusive business-class breakfast club met last week despite repeated warnings of Snowmageddon.

Our six minute presentation was from our chairman Adam George of A George Floors who decided not to bore us with tales of carpet squares and lino but to talk about what motivated him to get up at 4 o’clock every morning.

A networking group should be about more than comparing business cards and getting the odd referral. Sometimes you need the entrepreneurial fire burning in the belly to be fanned by a little motivation and that’s what Adam gave us. For once, A George Floors was "flawless" (floorless!).

Apart from that, we had the usual routine of 60-second pitches which has the double bonus of giving us practice speaking in front of a crowd and gets us familiar with what our colleagues at BGN are offering.

And it turned out to be a red-letter day when that rarest of creatures, a famous Belgian in the shape of Jean van de Raeyen of Trio systems, won the prize for best pitch with his take on Cillit Bang instead of his usual consolation prize of an honourable mention.

Despite enjoying a bright, spring morning, some in the room had a weather eye on the sky, anticipating the prospect of a stay-at-home snow day:

  • Kevin Snuggs was preparing bids to build five snowmen, but you’re going to have to wait til July now.
  • Jane Smith of Hillcroft Office Supplies will be flogging snow shovels on the streets of Clanfield, which are going up in price faster than a loaf of bread in Weimar Germany.
  • Tony Myers of Anthony Edwards Kitchens was dreaming about sitting on the underfloor heating he plans to install in his next kitchen.
  • Pete Read of Drayton Reed Insurance is just rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of the claims to come.

Bill Blogs' teenaged daughters had a lovely "Snow Day" decorating biscuits at home... oh, wait. No!

The public notice bit

And a timely reminder came from Steve Walker Electricals not to use cables to electric heaters when they are coiled up or you risk having more electrical fire than you bargained for.

Red hot business referrals

Despite the dodgy weather and fag-end of winter feeling, Adam’s talk obviously got us fired up for we swapped 27 good quality referrals this week. After last week’s bumper crop of 30 referrals it looks like spring is on its way.

New members welcome

We’re still looking for a plumber and a car mechanic, and a trouser salesman might come in handy for Ewe Move’s own fashion victim Matt Evans, but we’d take anyone, frankly.

Free breakfast, free breakfast, free breakfast at BGN!

We meet at Langrish House, near Petersfield, every Wednesday morning from 6.45am and we’re done by 8.30 after some fun but focused networking over a full English or continental breakfast.

We’re looking to fill the few slots we have left, and did I mention that a visitor gets to eat for free for their first visit?

Don’t miss out on meeting 36 like-minded people to act as your unofficial sales staff, then please contact us. Come and see - you might like it!

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs: “I may be gone some time.” 

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