BGN, business networking in the garden

Who would rather be working in the office in this weather than be outside in the garden? Well Steve Smith of the Reliable Garden Company gets to enjoy the best of both world and he rubbed it in at BGN business networking group.

"Bushman" Steve gave this week's business presentation about his business, with a few gardening tips, at our regular breakfast meeting in Petersfield.

No bush is too straggly for Steve to tackle and he loves trimming a box into shape with his clippers.

“At this time of the year you’ve really got to keep on top of the pruning,” advised Steve. “I had to be drastic with one customer’s out-of-control clamidia recently, but don’t worry, it’ll come back all the stronger next year.”

What a great way to combine work with wellbeing, though Steve isn’t the only BGN member to enjoy gardening. Matt Evans of Ewe Move estate agents loves getting close to reptilian life in the gardens he’s selling (perhaps the snake he encountered was thinking the same thing about estate agents) and surveyor Paul Gatrill loves to dig up samples of Japanese knotweed in people’s gardens.

Hitting the right pitch practice

Everyone gets the chance to practise their 60-second business pitch every week but some are clearly getting too slick at it. The chaps from Devoted Films took away the prize for a second time in two weeks.

Business referrals

The main point of the business group, apart from a great breakfast at Langrish House, is to pass referrals for work to each other. This year we passed 17 opportunities for business around the room.

Guests are welcome

We like to ensure the meeting is full every week and we ask members who can’t attend to arrange for a sub to deliver their pitch. This week, we said hello to Janine from Discover Wines in Denmead, Anna of plumbers the Drain Doctor and Jeremy Mitchell from The Rosemary Foundation.

We don’t stop referring business opportunities just because it’s hot. Come to a free BGN trial visit

If you’re looking for a network in which to grow your business then the Business Growth Network is for you!

We’re throwing our doors open to visitors so if you think your business will benefit, then come along as a guest - your first visit is free!

BGN meets at Langrish House on any Wednesday morning of the week, at 6.45am for 7am, for networking and breakfasting, and finishes by 8.30am.

If you’re interested in meeting more than 30 like-minded people who can act as your unofficial sales staff, then contact us.

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