BGN June summery

It’s been much too hot to be sitting in the office, thinking of things to write so, in the best traditions of the journalistic “silly season” this week we have a review of recent business networking meetings.

The highlight this month was the visit to BGN by our local MP and Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds.

Damian was keen to talk to our collection of local entrepreneurs and business owners about the local economy, obviously still well briefed from his previous job as employment minister. He neatly tied his presentation to us to education, discussing the need for more vocational training and apprenticeships, which struck a chord with the audience.

While academic ability is important, Damian believed character training was also important in schools and extolled the value of working a paper round or Saturday job. It’s not easy to find a suitably motivated youngsters to train as apprentices in East Hampshire.

Various hot topics such as grammar schools, home schooling pre-school provision and red tape were also raised by the audience during a lively two-way exchange. And Brexit was hardly mentioned at all.

Despite the roasting weather, attendance has been good at our weekly Wednesday breakfast meetings, covering a wide range themes from ageism to the power of story-telling as we practise our 60 second pitches.

We all rather wished we’d listened to the pitch by Jane Hill of Hillcroft Stationery Supplies a month ago when she recommended buying electric fans. I expect they’re going for a considerable premium now!

As for regular business, we also welcomed three new joiners and shared 42 business opportunities around the group, which is what we’re fundamentally about.

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