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Unusually for me I was otherwise engaged on Wednesday morning so I couldn't attend my regular BGN networking breakfast. I normally treat networking meetings like any other regular business meeting as a sacrosanct slot in the diary, but this week I had an unavoidable engagement with a navy PT instructor (the horror!).


But it's business as usual as, in the best journalistic traditions, I take a stab in the dark and make up a blog post anyway, based on two years of regular attendance. 

The meeting started (possibly) with Simon Butler of the Barn-Store storage solution insisting we get started as he’d been hanging around since 6.30am drinking coffee. Unfortunately there had been a delay as chartered surveyor Paul Gatrill still hasn’t admitted to nicking his beloved timing bell for his own domestic use.

We came close to an incident of unwanted attention when gallic paparazzo Michel Focard homed in on a tall blonde like a sexocet missile to find that hunky builder Kevin Snuggs hadn’t got around to removing his wig from last week. After swapping some recipes for brioche, a scene was averted.

By far the best pitch was delivered by guest sub Kerstin Ochel of Fashion Fantasies in Liss, a lone prophet in the land that style forgot, on behalf of me.

However, Pete Reed of Drayton Reed Insurance got his drill out and threatened to put some holes in the walls of our venue (Do I smell Burning?) and architect Graham Gard of Ace Designs won the prize for best pitch this week for talking a client out of building a shed upside down.

After a sumptuous baked bean breakfast, this week’s six minute talk was given by estate agent Matt Evans of Ewe Move who explained to a rapt audience how he once got rid of an unwanted semi in the middle of Bordon town centre.

Back to business and exactly 16 referrals were passed between networkers, which is why we all come to Langrish House every week (except me).

An honourable mention must go to Trio Systems’ John Raeyen who reminded us all about the BGN Christmas lunch on Saturday 16 December. The theme will be famous Belgians.

New members welcome – particularly in IT.

BGN meets at Langrish House on any Wednesday morning of the week, at 6.45am for 7am, for networking and breakfasting, and has normally finished by 8.30am.

We're always looiking for fresh faces, particularly in the IT support sector, and your first visit is free!

If you’re interested in meeting more than 30 like-minded people who can act as your unofficial sales staff, then please contact us.

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Making every word up.”

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