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It was worth getting up on a dark frosty morning to go to East Hampshire's premier for a pair of world exclusive news flashes.

Firstly, Janine Pert of Tipsy Events announced that this year’s Denmead Gin Festival will be on Saturday 20th July, so watch out for the ticket release.

And long standing member and host of BGN’s venue, Langrish House, announced that the hotel would become a high-end bed and breakfast country house, allowing the owners, the Talbot Ponsonbys to take things a little easier.

That didn’t slow down the proceedings though. We were treated to some curious pitches at the start of a new year, with Lee Stewart of Print and Design IT giving us his 60 second pitch through the medium of dolls.

BGN member resorts to

voodoo to win business

Then Liss-based gardener Steve Smith told us how he's busy planting allium bulbs, promising his clients the spectacle of his purple headed stalks rising through the undergrowth this summer.

To put a dampener on things, Lorna Smith of private health insurers WPA pointed out that for A&E and planned surgery, Portsmouth NHS Trust was below the English average for waiting times.

And Giles Cleverley of Syn-Star Computer Services warned of companies being scammed with unauthorised bank transfers to fake accounts.

Ten-minute talk

We take it in turns to give a ten minute presentation on our business, all the better for people to refer each other. This week was the turn of administratrix, dolphin wrestler and elephant hunter Wendy Smith, offering a full range of discrete administrative and strategic business services.

Business opportunities exchanged

The year was off to a good start with 12 opportunities for business passed between members, which is the main reason the group is so popular.

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