Business networkers hit referrals mother lode

As our last business networking meeting was in the run-up to Mother’s Day, it seemed appropriate to note how many mothers we have in BGN, but not the rapping sort.

Lorna Smith, our WPA health care rep has bred her own assistant straight into the arcane world of health insurance, while Wendy Smith drags her gardening offspring Steve out of bed every Wednesday morning and makes sure he gets a good breakfast at BGN before he goes to school. 

Anyone still stuck for a present for their mothers on the big day could do worse than to approach BGN membes for help.

  • Steve Walker of Walker Electricals can offer a Jaegermeister fuelled hen-night experience.
  • I-for-detail painter Luke Ingram has an angled brush for those tricky crevices.
  • For those with a mother who likes to stay "active", Craig Walker of K&B Audio has hot tub TV.

In the end Sam Small of law firm and mum’s best friend Mckarness and Lunt won the best pitch prize with a Disneyland Paris themed 60 seonds, which left our own M-I-C-K-E-Y Focard feeling homesick.

And an honourable mention goes to Trio Systems printer man John Raeyen for his skill as the timer and bell ringer. Your mum must be proud, John.

We were then treated to a tour of Langrish House’s cellars by BGN’s own mother-figure, mum of three and grandmum of two Robina Talbot-Ponsonby. 

Business referrals 

The sentimental bit over with, we got down to business and 14 good quality referrals were passed between us.

New members welcome

We had four visitors today and a full turnout but we are looking for new members at the moment, particularly a plumber and a car mechanic.

Free breakfast, free breakfast, free breakfast at BGN!

We meet at Langrish House, near Petersfield, every Wednesday morning from 6.45am and we’re finished by 8.30 after some fun but focused networking over a full English or continental breakfast.

And did I mention that a visitor gets to eat for free for their first visit?

Don’t miss out on meeting 36 like-minded people to act as your unofficial sales staff, then please contact us. Come and see - you might like it!

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs: “Extirpating superfluous verbiage.”

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