Business referrals. You get what you ask for

A modicum of style and elegance has been brought to BGN this week with the admission of new member Rebecca Barnes of Rebecca Barnes Designs based in Petersfield, in the heart of Hampshire.

Rebecca should find no shortage of potential custom among members, given carpeteer Adam George’s love of shagpile and an honorable mention must go to Trio Systems’ John Raeyen’s bachelor pad which, like John, could do with a woman's touch.

Chez Raeyen: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Members have been busy with various building challenges this week; building developer Kevin Snuggs of Kingsbury Home Improvements is suffering as ever from bats in the belfry while surveyor Paul Gatrill needs to keep on the good side of the owners of the Belgravia mansion he's working on. I’d avoid the caviar and any tea from the lead-lined samovar, Paul, in case the owners have left any unpaid parking tickets back in the Mother Country. 

This week’s prize pitch though goes to Joe Goddard of Detect Fire and Security for pointing out that Whitney Hawes in her recent BBC drama “The Bodyguard” would have done better with regards to personal safety by investing in one of Detect's home security systems. Joe didn’t explain though how the more steamy duties of her security detail would be provided for - perhaps he's offering a complimentary home servicing package?

Referrals: you get what you ask for

This week, 15 referrals for business were passed around the room. The job of referrals is made so much easier when members make it clear during their 60-second pitches who they actually want an introduction to.

For example, this week we’re all looking out for manufacturers on behalf of Devoted Films. The gadget-loving geeks like nothing better than making corporate films about technical products.

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