Everyone's gone football crazy at BGN

It was inevitable this week that the occasional football reference would be shoehorned into some of the 60-second elevator pitches at Langrish House, home ground to the mighty BGN Dribblers, East Hampshire’s champions of the business networking groups league. 

Thankfully, interest in football should wane by next week when yet another World Cup campaign is cut short amid tears of disappointment, recrimination and betrayal. 

We were warned to get our bids in quickly for electric fans for the summer heatwave (though we think it’ll all be over soon!), by superfan and stationery queen Jane Smith.

We weren’t short of subs, and David Smith joined us as a guest (and possible transfer?) from Motor Republic vehicle leasing company. 

Photographer Michel “Platini” Focard should have been on the bench but was doing some strange warm-up exercises on his back while taking arty pictures of the bench’s wood grain. 

Even workplace pensions defender John “Zinedine” Le Poidevin was brought out of retirement for yet another testimonial match. 

Among the trophies handed out today was one for the best 60-second pitch invasion to Jane Smith and Travel Agent Sandra Cartwright won this month’s “Most Business Referrals Given” Cup. 

Club secretary Jack Miller received something to keep him amuses when he makes more time for the other “beautiful game” and heads for the bunker - I mean fairway.

Jack Miller at BGN

Club secretary Jack Miller hopes to keep his balls out of the sand

Trio System’s Belgian international, John Raeyen, received a consolation “honourable mention” and an ovation, along with a few well-aimed toilet rolls, went to electrical services striker Steve Walker for filling in last minute with an entertaining six-minute presentation about his several businesses. 

And we even had time to pass nine highly accurate and good-quality business referral balls around the park. 

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This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Is it all over yet?” 


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