From Prison to Petersfield, a rake's progress

From prison to Petersfield

Adopted local photographer Michel Focard revealed to BGN meeting that he’s spent time doing “l’oiseau” in a French prison during his youth.

The revelation came out during his six-minute presentation to the astonished group, meeting for its weekly business referrals networking meeting in Langrish, Hampshire.

The irrepressible snapper has enjoyed a 35-year career behind the lens similar to that of an old Etonian, mixing with royals and spending time behind bars, though not at the same time.

In fact Michelle was an extra in a French documentary back in the 1980s about life in a high security prison. Fortunately for him, this was in the days before the Me Too campaign so he was freed at the end of filming.

He subsequently shaved off his hair and moved to Petersfield, adopting the town for his subsequent career, becoming a founder member of BGN and snapping the great and the good in the worlds of acting and business.

The French revolutionary was eventually even trusted to capture a visit by Princess Anne to a local charity without lobbing cobblestones at her.

Elevator pitches

We make everyone practise their 60-second elevator pitch every week. Sarah Brown of Petersfield solicitors’ Mackarness and Lunt celebrated the start of the new Great British Bake-Off showing us how to cook up a will – a dish best served when you’re cold.


Education slot: automation, not procrastination

Every week, we hold an education slot during which one of our members offers a piece of useful advice to the group. Technophile Craig Walker of K&B Audio promoted the benefits of automating routine admin functions to make more time for working in and on the business.

Products such as Trello for organising work, online accounting packages to speed up invoicing and apps for capturing receipts can save days over the course of a year. What you do with that time is up to you!

Guests are very welcome

Despite the holiday season, momentum is maintained due to the habit of providing subs during one’s absence and we have also received applications to join probably the largest regular networking group in the area, bringing our numbers closer to our 40 limit.

Business referrals

Always the yeart of business at BGN, we did get down to serious business and ten referrals for business were passed around the room.

We don’t stop referring business opportunities just because it’s hot. Come to a free BGN trial visit

If you’re looking for a network in which to grow your business then the Business Growth Network may just be for you!

We’re throwing our doors open to visitors so if you think your business will benefit, then come along as a guest - your first visit is free!

BGN meets at Langrish House on any Wednesday morning of the week, at 6.45am for 7am, for networking and breakfasting, and finishes by 8.30am.

If you’re interested in meeting more than 30 like-minded people who can act as your unofficial sales staff, then contact us.

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Making every word count”

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