I want to tell you a story

After last week’s flight of fancy, it was appropriate that this week’s breakfast networking meeting at BGN focused on story telling. 

We require all members to stand up and deliver a new 60-second “elevator pitch” every week, which is great practice and offers other advantages: 

  • Develops and rehearses a slicker marketing ‘spiel’
  • Makes us think about what our business actually does
  • Builds confidence speaking to a group

We ask members to bring in a prop to illustrate their pitch but the key element is to have a story at the heart of what they say. Human beings are hardwired to take on information through the medium of stories, whether that’s cautionary tales as children, fairy tales about the dangers of growing up and, let’s face it, creation myths. 

Business is an interaction between people, and we relate better to others when we build up a connection through stories about ourselves. That’s why we encourage pitches to include a story about a recent success, a happy customer case study or an illustration of what service is provided. 

Bill Blogs, who makes a living by writing online content for business, emphasised the importance of stories in this week’s six-minute presentation (which takes the pitch to the next level, this is something else we all practise). 

The winner of this week’s best pitch was newcomer Kelly of Partnership HR, illustrating the importance of keeping it fresh (with numerous honourable mentions for photocopier genius John Raeyen who just likes being talked about).

And as for the main business of the morning, we passed 17 good quality opportunities for business around the room. 

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This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Telling your story.” 

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