Merry Christmas from BGN

We do Christmas big at BGN, seasonal activities kicking off with a dinner at Langrish House courtesy of our hosts the Talbot-Ponsonbys. Robina was resplendent as ever, with her customary pint glass full of gin and a packed hall for the first of many turkey dinners.

DJ Joes Smith provided the post-dinner entertainments but unfortunately the dancefloor had to be quarantined after a nasty outbreak of Saturday Night Fever struck Michel “Crazy Frog” Focard in his arms and legs, as guests looked on in horror.

A special and honourable mention must go to photocopier supremo John Raeyen of Trio Systems for organising the evening. And his delightful guest earns a further mentio to sit and listen to his fax machine stories into the small hours. Looking forward to next year John.

Despite the Secret Santas and bad taste jumpers though, business has been continuing as usual.

In a first for BGN, but following in the footsteps of Baron Sugar on the Apprentice, two bottles of wine had to be awarded for two elevator pitches that just couldn’t be separated, by Alice Murray or TriSynergy Marketing (as usual) and surprise winner, online content writer Bill Blogs, who forced his daughter to stay up the previous night to create a lifelike eagle as his prop.

After all this excitement we were treated to a six minute presentation of holiday snaps by insurance broker and adrenaline junkie Pete “I put the Pete in Compete” Reed.

Back to reality, 10 good business referrals were passed around the room, keeping up the effort to the last. We’re ready for our two-week Christmas break now.

New members welcome – particularly in IT.

BGN meets at Langrish House on any Wednesday morning of the week, at 6.45am for 7am, for networking and breakfasting, and we're normally finished by 8.30.

We’re always looking for new members. An IT support specialist would be particularly welcome before my laptop packs in.

If you’re interested in meeting a large group of like-minded people who can act as your unofficial sales team, then please contact us.

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Merry Christmas every one."

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