Mr Business and Little Miss Tax Return visit BGN

The usually sensible and grown-up BGN networking breakfast regressed to childhood this week with the decision of our illustrious chairman to pick a “Mr Men” and “Little Miss” theme for our 60 second elevator pitches.

Some took on their personas seamlessly, Jane Smith of Hillcroft Office Supplies showing her compulsively well organised side as Little Miss Neat juxtaposing nicely with BGN’s painter and decorator Luke Ingram, covered in paint as usual, as Mr Messy.

Un-PC photographer Michel Focard decided to show up as Mr Topsy-Pervy (no doubt the French version of the books would have him as Monsieur Suave), and the normally full-volume Mark Winterhalder of Devoted Films toned it down to 90 decibels to become Mr Quiet, for a while.

Even our guests got into the spirit (literally in the case of Janine Pert from Discover Wine), with management coach Jane Suter of Red Tiger Consulting and First Aid trainer Karen Murrell all performing in character.

But the winner of this week’s prize was poor old Mr Bump, AKA Pete Reed of Drayton Reed Insurance. He’s certainly been in the wars, or perhaps indulging in one of his usual weekend sports activities. At least he’s well covered and can anaesthetise himself with his prize.

It looks like Mr Bump's just had a bash

The HR Department in six minutes

This week’s talk was by Sarah Denne of The HR Department, catering to the needs of small to medium sized business who want to look after their employees properly. HR is one of those things you don’t think about until you need it, but Sarah offers free reviews of employment contracts and handbooks and for a retainer will be at the end of the phone for you.

Christmas is coming

We’re all looking forward to getting in the seasonal mood. Not only is our venue, Langrish House, in full Christmas mode but next week’s meeting will be festive, with obligatory jumpers and Secret Santa before our Christmas dinner on Friday night. That should offer up a few blog posts in itself. I believe Hillcroft is supplying the stationery cupboard.

Down to business – sharing good quality referrals

We had 10 referrals for business passed between members this week – a little less than usual but it is Christmas and the eyes are on the mince pies at the moment.

We also encourage a busy programme of 1-to-1 meeting between members so that we get to know each other’s business – all the better for recommending work.

Free breakfast, free breakfast, free breakfast at BGN!

We meet at Langrish House, near Petersfield, every Wednesday morning from 6.45am and we’re done by 8.30 after some fun but focused networking over a full English or continental breakfast.

We’re looking to fill the few slots left and did I mention that a visitor’s first breakfast is free?

If you’re interested in meeting 36 like-minded people to act as your unofficial sales staff, then please contact us. Come and see - you might like it!

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every year.”

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