Tax return reminder from your local business networking group

It’s that time of year again for anyone still filing tax returns on paper to get their returns in.

Our tax expert at BGN, Liss based accountant, Sarah Redfern gave us a timely reminder at our weekly networking breakfast meeting to complete paper returns  before HMRC’s deadline, 31 October. 

While even some of the more paper-loving members of East Hampshire’s most progressive business referrals group still like to file the old fashioned way, most of us have until the end of January to file online and like to have something to do in that post-Christmas lull, so we won’t be needing some of the excuses Sarah told the meeting about during her 60-second pitch: 

  • “A goat ate my form” - no ta problem if you file online

  • “A volcano stopped me from filing” - again, not a problem with online filing

  • “My accountant was in the bath with my wife” - you can probably see it online.

But if we still need help filing on time, we’ll be calling Sarah for help.

This week, we hit a high of 19 referrals for business passed between members. 15 referrals for business were passed around the room. We were also treated to a six-minute presentation by Simon Butler of the Barn-Store - for all your storage needs, based near Selborne.

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This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “58 days to Christmas!”

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