The perfect pitch - be specific

Some networking groups can end up like Widow Twanky’s laundry, with everyone just taking in each other’s laundry by passing only “internal” business referrals around the room. 

Not so for BGN; this week, our members were challenged to find valuable external referrals for colleagues and we managed to generate 17 in all.

The 30 attendees at Langrish House this Wednesday also practised their 60-second “elevator” sales pitches. The key to a good pitch (apart from the props we’re encouraged to use) is to ask for specific referrals and introductions into companies we want to do business with. 

However, a picture paints a thousand words and there’s no lengths some people will sink to win the prestigious prize for best pitch. Mark Winterhalder of Devoted Films scraped the bottom of the barrel and made himself the butt of numerous jokes after showing us the results of a recent and rather cheeky commission to produce a calendar for his rugby club.

BGN one for the rugby fans

Solicitor Charlotte Oldham from Mackarness and Lunt won the best pitch, the judges only partly influenced by her announcement that she was expecting BGN’s newest member. A bit extreme and not a sales tactic we’d recommend for everyone. 

Another cornerstone of each meeting is the six minute presentation each member gives so that the rest of us know in detail what they offer, all the easier to recommend them to potential clients. This week it was the turn of ace architect Graham Gard of Ace Designs.

And in case no-one noticed, Lee Stewart of Print IT is now party chairman.

New members welcome

It was good to see some new people at BGN: Patrick of PHI Networks, Kelly from Partnership HR and Sophie from the South Downs National Park Trust, though it was with sadness we said farewell to Sarah Denne of The HR Dept - off to better things.

However, we are still looking for new members to join us for breakfast. If you know a car mechanic or plumber looking to start up in the East Hants, Meon Valley or Solent areas, ask them to contact us for a great introduction to local businesses.

Free breakfast, free breakfast, free breakfast at BGN!

We meet at Langrish House, near Petersfield, every Wednesday morning, snow or no snow, from 6.45am and we’re finished by 8.30 after some fun but focused networking over a full English or continental breakfast.

And did I mention that a visitor gets to eat for free for their first visit?

Don’t miss out on meeting 35 like-minded people to act as your unofficial sales staff, then please contact us. Come and see - you might like it!

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs: “Making every word count.” 

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