The Value of Visitors and Subs - Magic

Gillian Wood came to the meeting as a substitute for Lorna Smith (on holiday) and delivered a great 60 seconds on Lorna's behalf. In the same meeting was a new visitor, Adam George, who has a flooring company and he pitched his company's services. After the members' 60 seconds Gillian was invited to speak about her business and she chose to talk passionately about Sense ( a charity which supports children with sensory impairments and their families, (Gillian's son is both deaf and blind).

At the end of the meeting, Adam was asked if he enjoyed his first meeting and if he wanted to add anything. Adam stood up, faced Gillian and offered to help her raise money for Sense by running a marathon! Gillian and the whole group gave a round of applause.

The moral of this story? Always invite subs and visitors; you never know the magic that can happen!

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