Today Matthew, I'm going to be....

How well do you really know the people you network with?

The strength of BGN (East Hampshire’s premier business referrals group) is we see the same sad old faces week in, week out….. I mean, we interact closely within an exclusive group of fellow entrepreneurs so that we become familiar with the goods and services we all provide.

As the point of all these early mornings is to be able to recommend fellow members to our acquaintances when the situation arises, we have to know and trust our colleagues intimately.

So, to test our knowledge of each other, Chairman Adam forced us all to deliver the traditional 60-second pitch of a colleague to see if we could even remember their strapline.

Some had obviously conferred (cheated) beforehand, and some had spent a little too much time donning costumes and make-up to create a likeness.

The HR Department’s Sarah Denne’s impersonation of home improvement builder Kevin Snuggs was uncanny (see photo), even down to the early morning stubble and glasses.

And our host at Langrish House, Robina Talbot-Ponsonby had fun with her French accent at the expense of photo snappeur Michel Focard.

Although Trio System’s “Mr Photocopier” John Raeyen” earns an honourable mention and Print IT’s Lee Stuart did a totally off-the-cuff pitch for Paul Cross of Crossfire (it was a blast, literally) the prize went to Mr Snuggs for pushing the bounds of gender fluidity yet again. I can't wait to see what he turns up wearing to the Christmas do.

Lorna Smith of health insurers WPA delivered the weekly six minute presentation and a total of 19 opportunities for business were passed between members

Down to business – sharing good quality referrals

BGN business is all about swapping good wuality referrals and strong leads, rather than just names. We also encourage a busy programme of 1-to-1 meeting between members so that we get to know each other’s business even better.

Free breakfast, free breakfast, free breakfast at BGN!

We meet at Langrish House, near Petersfield, every Wednesday morning from 6.45am and we’re done by 8.30 after some fun but focused networking over a full English or continental breakfast.

Did I mention your first visit is free? If you’re interested in meeting 36 like-minded people to act as your unofficial sales staff, then please contact us. Come along and have a go. You might like us!

This blog post was brought to you by Bill Blogs “Making every word count.”

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