Another VIP visit for BGN business networking group

Yet another VIP visits "One of the best networking groups" she's ever seen.

Only months after East Hampshire’s most regular business networking group welcomed Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds to its regular breakfast meeting, this week BGN hosted Sandy Hopkins, CEO of East Hants AND Havant District Councils to see how networking is really done.

Sandy Hokins of EHDC at BGN

Sandy Hopkins telling BGN how brilliant we are.

Invited to sing for her breakfast, Sandy told her audience how much local authorities have to operate like businesses these days, listening to customers and balancing the three Ps, or People, Places and Pennies, to run more than 100 services.


BGN with Sandy Hopkins

"If I swallow my phone, will he stop talking?"

A lot of her effort goes into building teams with other agencies to deliver value for money in an age when money is tight and a lot of the income for both E Hants and Havant has to be locally generated. She's also iencouraging investment into the area, with infrastructure going into the development of Bordon and a focus on the A3 and A31 corridors for new business. That should please BGN's resident builder Kev "Kingsbury" Snuggs and estate agent Ewe Move.

Sandy ended by saying that BGN was one of the best networking groups she had ever visited. Clearly her duties don’t allow her to get out much, though she's always welcome back to BGN.

Maiden elevator pitch for our newest member

Thisi week BGN welcomed Natalie of vehicle lease hire firm Motor Republic as a new member. She delivered her first of many weekly 60-second elevator pitches in front of a polite, respectful and supportive audience of 30-plus.

Despite the shirt-sleeves weather, there was a Christmas feeling to this week’s pitches, with Jo of Petersfield Solicitors Mackarness and Lunt warning prospective home buyers to get a move on if they want to be in their new homes by Christmas Eve.

Jeremy Mitchell of Petersfield The Rosemary Foundation then touted Christmas cards and fund-raising events for the hospice charity as we sat sweltering in the sunshine. It’s never too early to start planning for the festive season.

And to cap it all, we heard the announcement of the birth of a boy-child to regular member Charlotte Oldham (I'm not giving Mackarness and Lunt two mentions in the same post). (Damn). He may or may not be a messiah but will certainly become a welcome addition to BGN in 20 years’ time.

This week’s winner of the best pitch award was Lee Stewart of Liphook’s Print and Design IT, working in close collaboration with the judge, Natalie from TriSynergy Marketing in Havant, with whom he will no doubt share the prize.

Business referrals

Always at the heart of BGN affairs, BGN members swapped 17 referrals for business this week.

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