We're grabbing our testimonials at BGN

There’s nothing so liberating as grabbing ones testicles in front of a packed BGN business networking meeting, first thing on a Wednesday morning…

… etymologically speaking of course. Our networkers channelled the power of the testimonial this week during their 60-second pitches, little realising that the word derives from the Roman habit of grabbing one’s testicles when stating the truth.

There’s nothing like a second opinion to persuade people you’re telling the truth when you say how brilliant you are and several speakers used customer testimonials in their 60-second pitches this week.

Fortunately, no members decided to swear oaths of allegiance or form partnerships with each other during the meeting as that, apparently, would have required them to hold each other’s “nads” if done the Roman way.

Roman statue

Joe Goddard of Detect Fire and Security relies on BGN and word of mouth referrals for all his business and he was the first to “clutch his crackers” quoting a very happy customer who praised his package (of security related services).

Party girl and provider of admin services Wendy Smith, of Wendy Smith Admin Services, also received a glowing testimonial for a corporate function she organised for another happy client (this is where the analogy falls down).

And Adam George of George Floors, never too shy to blow his own trumpet as usual, read out a testimonial from himself to himself (not quite the point Adam).

Need sponsorship for your community event?

Kevin Snuggs of Kingsbury Home Improvements took a break from the baking oven to talk about extensions and Matt Evans of Ewe Move “sheepishly” “rammed” home his plea for opportunities to sponsor local community events.

For the second week running, Alice Murray of Trisynergy Marketing won the wine for the best 60-seconds – only to be expected really.

And during a slick six-minute presentation, Lee Stuart of Print and Design IT showed that he’s much more than just a printer, he’s a brand advisor, spell checker and trouble shooter too.

We also welcomed regular subs Karen Murrell and Janine Pert of Discover Wine along with first-time guest Charlie West of Zodiac IT, based in Rowlands Castle.

Mackarness and Lunt raised £450 from last week’s cake sale towards MacMillan Nursing, showing that solicitors do have a heart. Perhaps some of the money can also go to diabetes UK?

And on the subject of money, BGN raised a massive £42.95 from our punishment collection tin during the reign of the previous “Beloved Chairman”, after he received his cut. We’ve now got four tins to fill for Adam’s chairmanship - in anticipation of a lot more swearing, perhaps? 

Oh, and 17 opportunities for business were swapped, which is why we really meet every Wednesday morning.

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