Pete Reed, Commercial Insurance Broker from Drayton Reed Business Insurance says:

Apart from the great fun I have had and friendships made within the BGN group the business benefits from our weekly meetings are clearly shown in the figures.

Almost 3/4 of income from our top 40% of clients last year came from BGN referrals.

If you want to find out how to grow your business let us know and come along on a Wednesday morning for a 7am start to Langrish House Hotel.

Jack Miller, Independent Financial Adviser from Positive Solutions says:

I have been a member of the BGN network for two and a half years.

I have been in Financial Services for nearly 25 years. My business production has always been based on referrals from existing customers and repeat business with those existing customers. I have only lost my very first clients because they emigrated to Australia!

Word of mouth referral is the by far the best way of obtaining new clients and being a member of a friendly networking group of local businesses has definitely enhanced my income in the time I have been with them, due to the recommendations that fellow members have made for their contacts to use my services.

I would urge anyone in business to join a good quality, local networking group like BGN at Langrish House, if they want to see their sales increase.

Graham Gard, Architectural and Civil Engineering Design from ACE Designs says:

I have been a member of Petersfield Business Growth Network since its formation in October 2006 having been a member of other network groups before that. The BGN has given me plenty of opportunities to promote my business to existing members and visitors alike, and I have gained many good and reliable working “partners” through the group and in turn have been able to give and receive many opportunities for business. The group is formed of likeminded individuals who all benefit from the camaraderie of other members, and with the vastly differing disciplines within the group, there is always someone who can answer a question or give advice on an issue. Every week you get the opportunity to promote your business through a short presentation to members and guests, not only is this good for the group to hear what you do but it can also focus your mind on how you sell your business.

We also have a selection of social events throughout the year which enables people to meet outside of the meeting and socialize as a group and meet members associates and work colleagues.

Robina Talbot-Ponsonby, Owner from Langrish House Hotel says:

I have always found BGN to be enormous fun. We are a very varied group of people from many different professions. We meet every week – so we become good friends and have plenty of laughs together as well as the serious stuff. It is a real pleasure to be able to find business for another member and good to know that the rest of the team are out there looking out for business for you too!

I have personally given business to a great number of the members and it is reassuring to know that I can be sure of a good service – no one would want to face me every Wednesday if things had gone badly!

It is great to have the support of such a diverse and interesting group. No matter what problem you encounter there always seems to be someone in the group who either knows the answer or knows someone else who does!

John Raeyen, Director from Trio Systems says:

I am a great believer in business networking. Through existing members of the group and even visitors, I have managed to pick up some really good business accounts. For example, we had a local business woman come to a meeting recently who was amazed that such a lively group existed in this rural area. After having listened to all of the members perform a 60 - 90 second presentation of their businesses, this lady was intrigued and spoke to me at some length afterwards and subsequently arranged an appointment at her company which resulted in a very profitable sale!
The great thing for the members is that because we meet on a weekly basis, you can rely on all of your 'virtual sales people'
to be there every week. If you, or your customer, have any concerns, you can discuss these with your fellow BGN members on a weekly basis.
As one of my customers said to me; 'I am giving you the business, John, as I know that you will be here next week and the week after so I can moan at you if I need to!' Needless to say, he hasn't had to do any moaning!
Forget Yellow Pages, this is the way to find new business.