Samantha Hellyar, Partner from Mackarness & Lunt says:

I am a relative newcomer to this business networking group. Having received an invite to come along to a visitor's day I took the opportunity to find out what happened at the group and whether there would be good prospects for referrals for me. I am pleased to say that since joining the group at the end of January I have had numerous referrals for various pieces of work as well as being able to get myself and my business more widely known in the local area.

At the meetings there is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business on the basis of a 60-90 second presentation. Everybody does this and there is no pressure for it to be some great grand speech, however it does allow all the other individuals sat round eating breakfast to know what you do and what you can offer client. Word of mouth I find is always the best way to increase business.

Therefore if you are interested in marketing your business in a different, but very successful way let one of the members know and I am sure we would all be glad to invite you along as a guest to experience networking first hand.

Powerhouse Health and Fitness Club says:

The CMS website designed and built by Tri-Synergy has made a real difference. We are now able to change different parts of our website and add images and pages whenever we like! The system is so easy to use, especially after the training. We love knowing that there is support only a phone call away.

We now frequently change the content of our website – it’s had a really positive effect on the number of visitors we are getting.

We love the system!

Rushmoor Borough Council, Contracts Manager says:

The Sandler Selling System® methodology has made a very positive impact on changing the culture of my district sales force as well as our customers. They helped me customize a curriculum that was perfect for our industry in driving change.



Simon Tooley from Vehicle & Asset Finance Solutions says:

Synergy always respond very quickly. Technical knowledge of hardware and systems is excellent, and they have an ‘old fashioned’ approach to customer service that we trust and value very highly.